o último abraço

Pensara várias vezes
em ser um kamikaze
com uma bomba no peito
e dar um abraço
apertado e cordial
ao primeiro-ministro do seu país.

Tiago Gomes
Estou nu diante da água imóvel. Deixei minha roupa
no silêncio dos últimos ramos.

Isto era o destino:

chegar à margem e ter medo da quietude da água.

Antonio Gamoneda

my unborn children

...of all your children
only those who were born.

Wislawa Szymborska

I have so many of them I sometimes lose track,
several hundred last time I counted
but thas was years ago.

I remember one was made of marble
and another looked like a goose
some days and on other days a white flower.

Many of them appeared only in dreams
or while I was writing a poem
with freezing fingers in the house of a miser.

Others were more like me,
looking out the window in a worn shirt
then later staring into the dark.

None of them ever made the lacrosse team,
but they all made me as proud
as I was on the day they failed to be born.

There is no telling-
maybe tonight or later in the week
another one of my children will not be born.

I see this one as a baby
lying naked below a ceiling pasted with stars
but only for a little while,

then I see him as a monk in a gray robe
walking back and forth
in the gravel yard of a imaginary monastery,
his head bowed, wondering where I am.

Billy Collins


© Larry Towell/Magnum Photos

A dazed man picks up a paper that was blown out of the towers after the attack of the, and begins to read it.